There are certainly some original and extremely unusual, roundabouts in Spain, the list of which was added to this week with the unveiling of the remodelled ‘Flamingo Roundabout’ on the CV-905, close to the local police headquarters and Carrefour.

It already bears the figure of a large cube of salt (cubos de sal) to which has now been added 28 flamingos, and I must say that it really is an impressive structure. I do hope, however, that the new attraction, because that is certainly what it is, isn’t too much of a distraction for motorists, as they navigate their way along an increasingly busy stretch of highway that can become particularly frantic at certain times of the day.

Magic Roundabout

The 28 flamingos, approximately 2 metres high, are carved in polystyrene and fiberglass. They are secured with a fence of approximately 30 metres in length that surrounds the entire base of the roundabout, however I cant help wondering how long the 28 will remain intact.

Costing 18,500 euros, this is one of two roundabouts that will be remodelled this year 2021, with the next taking place at the beginning of September, in order not to affect the intense traffic in August, the transformation of the fountain on Avda Desiderio Rodríguez, in Mar Azul-La Veleta.