The spokesperson for Ciudadanos in Torrevieja, Pilar Gómez Magán, has called on the Torrevieja council to open a number of dog agility parks in the municipality.

In her appeal she said that “one of the most relevant aspects of life for many members of the public is the enjoyment and occupation of public spaces that can also be used by their companion animals, but all the administration is seen doing in our parks or gardens is putting up ‘no dogs’ signs, regulating the obligations of the owners and sanctioning them when they do not comply”.

She therefore proposes that the council “takes another look at the matter with the construction of common recreational spaces for pets in public places and the launching of public awareness campaigns, that she feels would largely solve this problem.”

Ciudadanos call on local government to create dog parks

She said that a dog park is a limited area where pets can exercise and play under the supervision and control of their owners. “They do not require specific construction of parks, just the creation of areas within parks which it is enough to mark with an appropriate fence as well as elements for their agility, ramps or tubes where pets can exercise”, she explained.