The Costa Blanca Cup is one of the most important international youth football tournaments in Europe. Held during July 5-9 it features 56 matches played in Altea, with 29 indoor matches taking place at the Palau dels Esports i, d’altra banda.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions this year there is a reduction in the number of teams taking part, from that previously of 300 teams from over 20 countries.

The reconnection of youth soccer and indoor soccer tournament is aimed at clubs, schools, sports and colleges.

A spokesperson from the l’edil de l’àrea, said: “In the tournament five teams from Altea will participate, of which three come from the Municipal Soccer Schools, from the pre-benjamí, benjamí and alevi categories;  and two of the Unió Esportiva Altea de les categories infantil and cadet.”

Spectators are invited with the wearing of face masks mandatory in the entire Ciutat Esportiva