By Andrew Atkinson

The planned reformation of the Eras de la Sal in Torrevieja will lead to the demolition of the tourist office – with plans for a floating museum.

Torrevieja City Council has put out to tender the drafting of the Museo del Mar project, a multipurpose venue for the celebration of the International Habaneras Contest and the urbanisation of Salero, Faleria – old Acarretos streets, including a section of the Vista Alegre promenade.

The historic site of the Eras de la Sal has been converted since the eighties, into a multi-purpose space in which musical events and cultural performances have been staged.

Torrevieja Tourism Headquarters are in situ next to the Nautical Club, which would gain 1,800 square metres, and potentially used for an extension of the Nautical Club.

The project, which includes the rehabilitation of the Ice Factory, Torrevieja City Council requests the redevelopment connects the seafront with skyscraper plans.

The Ice Factory is a unique building protected in the PGOU. In private hands, a ‘For Sale’ sign hangs from its facade

The presentation of the project was inaugurated on February 23 by Mayor Eduardo Dolón and the President of the Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón.

The location of the floating museum, with the possibility of sufficient draft to house the submarine Delfín, to which the recreation of the Eras de la Sal trestle, built in 1999, will give access.

The redevelopment of the urban space should take special consideration of its urban connection, through the Paseo del Maestro Velero-Calle Salero.

The skyscraper construction is projected in the space of the Acequión and the Doña Sinforosa Park.

The award, in which several firms of architects who have worked in Torrevieja, reportedly interested include Eduardo Elkouss and Carme Pinós.

Archaeological excavation work of the site has not commenced, with the Eras de la Sal in the General Urban Planning Plan a protected site.

The City Council has reportedly rejected the processing of the protection figure as Asset of Local Relevance (BRL) of the entire complex, recommended by the Ministry of Culture.

The Ministry reportedly ruled out in principle the request for an Asset of Cultural Interest, due to the unfortunate state of conservation.

The local administration invested in the 2011-2015 mandate over €100,000 in the rehabilitation, located in the public land maritime domain, at the headquarters of the old Miramar restaurant.

The Municipal budget for 2021 has an item of €5million for the purchase of heritage.

The archaeological report and the alternatives – that are finally presented – must have a favourable report from the Ministry of Culture.

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