The average price of drinking water supplied to the residents of San Miguel de Salinas is 208% higher than the average across the 53 main cities in Spain, according to information revealed by the San Miguel Arcángel Neighborhood Association.

As such, the association has again approached the municipal council asking for a review of the rates for the supply of drinking water and sewerage due to the high price of the service in the municipality.

The average price of water is 208% higher than the average price of water across the country but this percentage rises to 251% in the Las Filipinas Urbanisation where a different rate is applied.

A 2019 study by FACUA-Consumidores en Acción on household water supply rates in 53 Spanish cities shows an average price for drinking water supply and sewerage of € 15.46 for a monthly consumption of 10 m³. In San Miguel de Salinas, according to the last approved rate, dating from 2015, the average price is 32.21 euros and in the urbanizations of Las Filipinas, in the same municipality, 38.9 euros.

The Collective has been asking for transparency from the local administration on the conditions of this service since 2013, but neither the previous PP government nor the current PSOE team has yet provided the information.