Workshops, storytelling and children’s theatres will take place this coming weekend both at the María Moliner Municipal Library and the La Lonja Cultural Centre, in Orihuela, and at the Alameda del Mar Civic Centre in Orihuela Costa in an effort to promote children’s reading.

Details of the events were announced by Mar Ezcurra, the Orihuela Councilor for Culture.

They will get underway on Friday 23 April at 6 pm in the María Moliner Library with a workshop and storytelling entitled ‘The Little Mermaid and the Cotton Machine’.

At 6 pm, the Alameda del Mar Civic Center in Orihuela Costa will be the venue for the children’s workshop ‘I also want to be a poet’.

The capacity for these two children’s events will be limited to 20 people and all sanitary measures will be met.

On Saturday, April 24, at 12 noon, at the La Lonja Cultural Centre, the children’s theatre ‘The grateful animals’ will be held. A show for family audiences that brings together theatre and live music. The work is inspired by an Indo-European folk tale.

At 11 a.m. on Saturday April 24, at the Alameda del Mar Civic Center in Orihuela Costa the children’s theater `Fair Play! Tina and Tarantina´ will be held.

These activities will conclude with the concert “Great books for great musicians” by the Wind Orchestra of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Orihuela, which will take place at the Teatro Circo Atanasio Die at 7.30 pm on Saturday April 24 with free admission .

The concert will provide a wonderful program based on the following pieces:

  • Gulliver’s Travels. Music by Bert Appermont
  • The story of Anne Frank. Music by Otto m. Schwarz
  • Tom Sawyer. Music by Franco Cesarini
  • Crown of thorns. Based on the Bible. Music by Julie Giraux
  • El Quijote. Music by Ferrer Ferrán that combines music, written word and acting performance, appearing on stage and establishing a beautiful dialogue between the most famous character in world literature, Don Quixote, and his famous creator Cervantes.

International Book Day is celebrated on April 23, the date on which Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare died; probably the two most important authors in world literature ”, Ezcurra said.

Also on Friday 23 April the exhibition ‘This is not a comic’, an exhibition showing the relationship between cinema and comics will be held at the Cultural centre, in Orihuela, and at the Alameda del Mar Civic Centre in Orihuela Costa.