Following recent rains the Department of the Environment is intensifying treatments as they try to prevent the spread of mosquitoes throughout the municipality. The mild temperatures, together with the rains, shorten the biological cycle of mosquitoes, causing massive hatching to occur.

“The larvicide treatments are being carried out both in the drains across the old town and districts, as well as in areas that have been flooded.

The councillor, Dámaso Aparicio, explained that he first thing that is being dealt with are “those places in the municipality with recurrent stagnation of water, especially around the Segura River, as well as in those areas that become a refuge for the adult mosquito and that affect nuclei urban or populated areas ”.

Although dates are not fixed, treatments will be carried out every fifteen days through to September.

The Councilor has called for “greater collaboration from the Generalitat Valenciana to carry out this type of action.” Of the total cost, Orihuela has only received 700 euros from the Valencian government, while 18,000 euros is provided by the Alicante Provincial Council and the City Council will pay the remaining 71,775 euros.

If you have a problem in your area with a high number of mosquitoes, you are asked to email:

In your email please try to provide the location information (street name, etc.), and whether or not they are adult mosquitoes, or larvae in stagnant water, so that the technicians know which kind of treatment to carry out.

The Town Hall CANNOT act in private property, only in public areas.