For expats living in Spain, there is no doubt that the pandemic has caused some adjustments to be made to their lifestyle. As in most other countries around the world, those living in Spain have had to adjust their daily routine in the last 12 months and find new ways of doing things. A lot of expats in Spain have found this to mean moving more of their lives online.

This should actually be seen as a positive thing in most cases, as it allows you to still engage in your favourite hobbies or pastimes – even if they are not happening in the outside world as before. Of course, spending more time online can also help you meet new people or find new hobbies which you might not have been able to otherwise in your local area.

While this online move has been a major adjustment for many expats, it is one that most are getting used to. This has, of course, had an impact on how people in Spain like to engage in their favourite hobbies. But what pastimes does this include and how have they moved online?

Playing online casino games

Spain’s online gambling market is flourishing and is predicted to hit a revenue of over $1bn by 2023. Expats are one of the reasons the industry in Spain is doing so well and many have made online casino play a favourite hobby.

Where once people might have headed out to play bingo or to a local casino, they have started to prefer playing online from home. While the restrictions of the last 12 months prompted this for many, the convenience and fun that online casino platforms offer have made it increasingly popular.

The bonuses that online casinos deliver is also a big draw for expats and gives them extra ways to have fun online when not busy. If you need to find the safest and most secure platforms to game at, why not check out They also show the top free spins casinos and make it simple to pick a fun casino to use online.

Using social media or video calls to chat

The majority of expats love being in Spain. They meet new people and integrate with the local expatriate community. This would normally mean having regular meals out with friends, nights out and morning coffees, but the last 12 months have changed the situation dramatically. Rather than become isolated though, many expats in Spain now use social media sites online and online video calls to help keep in touch.

Video calls can be particularly useful as they are simple to operate and allow you to actually see who you are talking to. Top social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook make it easy to stay in touch with friends in the local area and to never miss out on the latest gossip. Even when things begin to return to normal, it is likely people will carry on using the technology.

Online exercise classes

A very popular pastime for many expats who live in Spain is daily exercise sessions. That could well have been in the form of getting out for a jog, going on a gentle walk or attending a gym or class in person regularly. While exercise is still a popular hobby for many, this is also something which has moved more online in the last 12 months or so.

Platforms like YouTube carry millions of videos containing workout plans to follow. Modern streaming tech has also allowed for virtual exercise classes to happen and for you to attend your usual class but from the comfort of your own home. As even the briefest search online will show, there are some top workouts for the mind and body to enjoy at home.

Expats in Spain move into a digital age

Although we all hope that things begin to get back to normal soon, the last 12 months has certainly changed how expats in Spain live to some extent. This can be seen in the most popular pastimes for those who have moved to the country and how many of them have gotten a digital makeover.

The great thing is that this move to a more online lifestyle in some areas is a positive thing and something which should complement a return to usual life as we move ahead.