We lead with a story broken by CLARO and Cambiemos of the mounting evidence of a manoeuvre being prepared to rush through approval by Orihuela Town Hall of a revised plan to enable building of 1500 new homes on Cala Mosca, the last remaining unspoilt green land on the coast of Orihuela Costa.

They fear that that the head of Urban Planning and leader of the Ciudadanos party is circumventing procedures as he prepares a quick vote on a modified plan which would give a final green light to the developer to go ahead with the construction of 1500 new homes on this last kilometre of natural green land on the Orihuela Costa.

Sad news of the death of MARY PRIDDLE, a founding member of Crescendo International Choir. Mary passed away after a heart attack back at her home in Plymouth last week.

And on page 3 a feature article highlighting the dangers faced by the 4.4 million residents of the Valencian Community on a daily basis of a major earthquake in the community.

Image_ Pepe Tarraga, Meteo Orihuela Twitter