Seeing the almond blossom out on the trees over the past few weeks reminded members of Los Alcázares Camera Club that the last time they met in person was on a field trip in February 2020 to photograph the orchards at Torremendo.

Normally, the Club meets on the first Tuesday of each month to view and vote for the best photograph in their monthly photographic competition.  This takes place at 10.30am in Las Claras Community Centre, Los Narejos.

On the third Tuesday in the month the Club has a field trip to interesting venues where members can take photographs and enjoy a meal together with family or friends.

Unfortunately, due to the virus, the Club has been unable to get together in person for a whole year however, one member who had a ‘Zoom’ account, suggested that members should meet instead online.  This has proved to be a very successful move as it has allowed those who are unable to leave the UK to join in the meeting with their Spanish-based members, something that no-one had thought possible before ‘lockdown’.

On the first Tuesday of every month Los Alcázares Camera Club now holds its photo competition on ‘Zoom’ at 10.30am (9.30am UK) and, at their next meeting in March, members will also be able to view an instructional video.  Due to the restriction of movement, titles for the monthly competitions have needed to become more creative, for example this year subjects include ‘Vegetables’, ‘Drinks’ and ‘View from the Window’!

Anyone interested in joining Los Alcázares Camera Club should have a look at the website or contact the Chairman, John Dorsett on 0034 966762715 or mobile 0034 606452445 or e-mail