The promotion of tourism, the protection of Torrevieja’s individuality which has been established over many years by its customs and traditions, and the practice of sensible and honest policies, are just some of the main objectives proposed for the city by the new party Tupatria.

The local branch of Tupatria (Your country) was launched in Torrevieja on Friday, in the presence of National President Carmen Gomis, members of the Provincial Executive and colleagues from nearby municipalities.

Established nationally last July, the party has quickly developed a footing across the whole country where it now has executive representation in more than half of all Spanish Provinces and links in practically all of them.

The Torrevieja Branch of the Party is led by Juan Carlos Ramos, while Laura Fernández will be the Local Secretary. Antonio Meroño will maintain links with the media and Social Networks and José Antonio Durán will deal with Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism.

In a statement to coincide with the launch, the Local Coordinator said that: “this new party has the clear intention of bringing to Torrevieja direct and honest policies based on restoring pride in the city. Soon, I am very confident, that people will join us in large numbers, helping to deliver even more determination and enthusiasm, with the conviction that effective and honest politics can be restored to our local politics”.

Juan Carlos Ramos added: “Torrevieja must be a priority. We will recover the pride of the city by elevating tourism to the importance it deserves, and by rescuing our origins and values that we have established with our traditions.

Torrevieja will regain the strategic importance it deserves in the province. We will support the business fabric represented by large industries and, of course, by medium and small companies, who, for so long, have been overlooked”.