Well it seems that we still cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel concerning the Pandemic. It is still hard to do any travelling, and would we even want to at the minute anyway. Roll on the vaccines and then hopefully life will be safer.

Still cannot socialise, bars and cafés still closed, but hopefully due to open soon albeit with restrictions.

So how are we coping? How are we filling our time? It must be hardest for people living on their own and for those unable to work and not earning at the moment, which brings so many concerns and worries.  Please remember there are help lines, if you are struggling, such as Samaritans in Spain, freephone 900 525 100 10am to 10pm.

It really does help to talk no matter what the problem. After listening to you on an emotional level they also might be able, if needed, to put you in touch with people who can help in a more practical way.

I think all of us are suffering with anxiety on some level and it is important that we find ways to deal with it. Also, a lot of boredom because we are not able to go out and do the things we would normally do.

A good way for a lot of people to elevate stress and boredom is taking walks and exercise, yoga etc. Wherever I go now I always see people out there walking or biking. We have been so lucky this year as the weather has been exceptional with most days sunny and warm.

Our lovely beaches are also a great place to go with beach chairs in hand and a lovely picnic. Wile the day away reading and taking a stroll on the water’s edge, or actually in the sea swimming. Brrr too cold for lots I think but I have seen some brave enough.

People on their own are allowed to meet up with another person from a different household So if you know of anyone maybe invite them round for a cuppa or meet up somewhere scenic with chairs, cake and drink to chat away if you prefer to be outside. Because we are in so much at the moment I feel its better to be outside and have a different view. There are so many places to go and be away from others.

Why not learn Spanish
Why not learn Spanish

When we are in the house I don’t watch daytime TV but would rather do activities, yes clean the house and garden but you can only do so much of that before it gets monotonous, so what about hobbies as there are so many out there.

Learn to speak Spanish, paint, draw, if you can’t maybe learn how to.

Diamond art, very easy and therapeutic.

Macrame, make little things for your home.

Cook all those lush meals you have always wanted to.

Decorate that room you have wanted to for so long but haven’t had the time.

So many of us are doing jigsaws, never done one in your life before but now can’t do without having one on the go lol

Plant a herb garden, the list is endless and help can be sourced from YouTube as it seems to have everything you could possibly need to know and any items you need can be delivered to the door by Amazon.

Getting into projects can be therapeutic and time consuming.

I find the days are passing by far too quick, the less I do the quicker the days go, so by doing a few different activities in a day helps to slow the day down and fulfil it with things I have achieved.

“Photos by Amelia Carey. See her Activity Vlogs on YouTube Milliemoments”

If boredom has really set in and you are young and adventurous or older but fit and adventurous why not try Alicante Adventura a day out climbing mountains, walking over suspended wooden bridges with fantastic, awe-inspiring views, not for the faint hearted but a once in a lifetime experience.  As this activity is in the Valencian Communidad so we are able to go.

They also do lots of other activities so maybe google them if its an activity you want to do.

Life does not have to stop because of Covid, just some things we like to do, do.

On another note there are many out there not earning what they were, or earning nothing at all so please when you see a donation trolly at the supermarket just drop an item in, it helps the many people in need due to this Pandemic.

If you are missing travelling, like me and so many of my friends, maybe plan your travel trips where you would like to go, so when we are able to travel you will already know where you want to be heading. I know where my first place will be Thailand, can’t wait, but wait we must.

Take Care Linda Bentley