Whilst in lockdown last year, I was inspired by Captain Tom Moore’s phenomenal Zimmer frame marathon, which became the catalyst for me to do my bit for a worthy cause.  So, I’ve decided to raise money for Alzheimer’s society UK, by not having a shave or getting my hair cut for over a year, when the whole lot will be hopefully painlessly removed!  My mother succumbed to this awful illness some 3 years ago, which is why the chosen charity is close to my heart.

Having contacted Alzheimer’s society, they kindly sent me a pack up, which included a t shirt and sponsorship forms.  In addition to this, I will be donating monies that I will have saved by not shaving or having a haircut to AFA Torrevieja, which will amount to 200 euros.  Finally, I will be donating all my cut hair to cancer research, from which they will use to make wigs.

STEVE’S BRAVE THE SHAVE, was originally to be held at Quesada Bowls Club on 13 Mar 21, following the regular Saturday roll up, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the date has now been changed to Sat 1 May 21 at 2pm.  Any donations will be gratefully received, and should be sent to either my JustGiving page (www.justgiving.com/fundraising/STEPHEN-HIBBERD3), or given to me in person.

Charities have suffered tremendously during the ongoing pandemic, relying heavily on donations from the public, in order that they can continue such good work.