By Andrew Atkinson

Three Kings’ parades on the night of January 5 that have been hit, due to the coronavirus situation, will take to the air in Sevilla.

Sevilla will bring in the Magi by hot-air balloon, with crowds prohibited to gather on the street, with the city council streaming the Three Kings arrival live, via its Ateneo website.

Also, an option of children writing letters to the Three Kings, youngsters in Sevilla will be able to send their messages via the Ateneo.

Children too young to use email, or who write their wishes down, will be able to deposit them in a collection point in the Ateneo patio on the C/ Orfila between Boxing Day and December 29.

Balthazar, Melchior and Casper will be air borne in a balloon in Sevilla from 9am on January 4 and 5, passing throughout neighbourhoods.

Other towns and cities in Spain have put in place alternative Three Kings visits, following annual festive parades being cancelled in 2021, due to COVID-19.