Theatre and live performance across the world is struggling to survive and so many venues have been closed down by the Corona restrictions. Networks Theatre in Orihuela city, is one such theatre. Back in March, and with only 3 weeks to production week they had to stop rehearsals for their musical Psychedelic Cool.

Artistic Director Nick Moore said, “it was tough on everyone. The actors had dedicated so much time to rehearsing the show and to have it all taken away was a real blow.  I received so many messages of disbelief that this was happening to everyone.”

Networks has been producing theatre in Orihuela since 1999 and they produce 6 shows a year, 3 of which are open to the public. Nick added “it’s not only stopped our public shows, like our pantomime (we’ve produced one every year for the last 18 years,) but it’s scuppered our educational work as we can’t rehearse under current restrictions nor can we invite an audience into our studio theatre.”

It’s hard to make plans at the moment as there’s little news that allows them to make plans but they are ready to go with new shows once the conditions are right.  “We’ll be back, ” said Nick “bigger and better than ever.  What an emotional day that will be.”

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