The Councillor for Sports, Víctor Bernabéu, announced on Tuesday that the Orihuela Costa Municipal Sports Centre will be reopen in the next few days, after completing the procedure for the award of the new management contract to the company Vectoris SL.

The total amount of the contract amounts to 877,337 euros (VAT included) and will last for two years, extendable for one additional year.

The councillor said that “we have now fulfilled our commitment to offer the best service with all the guarantees to the residents of the coast and users of these facilities with the imminent opening of the centre.”

However he failed to mention that it has taken him very nearly two years to do so while 30,000 residents were only able to use a limited facility.

The Councillor for Sports, Víctor Bernabéu
The Councillor for Sports, Víctor Bernabéu

Bernabéu added that the purpose of this service is to provide sports programs, activities and schools, rescue and first aid services in the swimming pool, and auxiliary services of maintenance, cleaning and access control in the sports facilities.

He recalled that in April 2019, the company that previously managed the centre abandoned the management “and we had to take the reins to keep the facilities open as during these long months a number of different clubs in the area and users have been able to enjoy their sports activities in this magnificent centre ”, while also emphasising that the Department of Sports has also repaired the different surfaces, courts and spaces that were very damaged.

Bernabéu also highlighted that this new contract will provide 22 jobs, between attendants maintenance and cleaning services, lifeguards and a technical director.