The Benefits of Playing Mobile Games
The Benefits of Playing Mobile Games

Technology is the key driver of the online gambling business. Online gambling is continuously evolving and adapting to changing customer patterns and new technologies. Check out CasinoBernie to find the best online casino sites for you, including a list of the best mobile casinos.

Less than thirty ago, you needed to visit a land-based gambling establishment for your betting needs. Now, with your smartphone or PC, you can do all your gambling without having to move an inch. From your bed in South Africa, you can participate in the US lottery via online gambling.

Online gambling changed the face of the gambling industry. It made it more accessible to a broad audience, created room for on-demand gambling and other features. The ease and accessibility of online gambling took the land-based establishments by storm, and within a few years, began to outpace it.

There are thousands of sites available for players, offering gambling opportunities that used to be only available in a land-based betting house. In a bid to tap into this new ‘oil,’ many land-based casinos have opened online gambling sites.

In a swift turn of events, just as we were getting used to gambling online via our PC, a new development occurred. More advanced smartphones that could play some sophisticated games entered the market. Video game makers recognized the massive potential for mobile games and started developing.

According to Statista, about half the world population makes use of mobile phones. A large number of this number prefer to play games on their mobile phones than on the PC. The ease mobile phones presented was too good to ignore.

The online gambling world swiftly adapted to mobile technology. Sites became compatible with mobile phones, and game manufacturers created games that could play on both PC and mobile.

It is not an understatement to say more than half of the world’s online gambling users do their gambling activities from their mobile phones. The argument about whether mobile is taking over online gambling is a bit late. Mobile is the new hot cake and king.

Mobile Gambling: Pre COVID-19 Results

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck and sent the whole world on lockdown, businesses scampering for safety and people fearing for their lives, mobile gambling was rapidly growing, intensely challenging PCs. More online betting sites were finetuning their sites to be more compatible with mobile devices.

The online gambling industry just before COVID-19 struck experienced new developments. Live Dealer games are on the rise. Many online casinos have significantly improved their Liv Dealer games, thus generating acceptance through promotions.

The myriad of problems that greeted its first introduction, such as poor internet connections was addressed and improved.

The use of mobile apps was also on the rise. Many online gambling sites started to roll out their apps to improve users’ mobile gaming experience further. In several polls conducted by different popular accounts on Twitter, more people experienced using a mobile app over opening a mobile site. These mobile apps are easy to navigate and more customizable than websites.

The Future of Mobile Gambling: Post COVID-19 Predictions

Mobile gambling is projected to experience some phenomenal growth in the next few years. Thanks to COVID-19, mobile gambling experienced a boom during the lockdown periods. While other forms of online gambling, such as sports betting, declined due to the shutting down of major sporting events, mobile gambling thrived.

Many gamers turned to mobile gambling options such as online casinos with more people at home and unable to visit land-based casinos and sporting activities on a lock. It increased its popularity and swelled its earnings.

Experts are unanimous in their conclusion that mobile gambling will boom in the coming years. The high level of patronage during the lockdown period, when measured, will offer a fascinating insight into expected future growth.

COVID-19 pandemic showed the online gambling industry how resilient mobile gaming is in surmounting a global pandemic. Online casinos are the greatest beneficiaries of the lockdown.

The global market for mobile gambling for 2020 is an estimated US$79.5 billion, expected to reach a quarter a trillion dollars by 2927. The wise decision for stakeholders in the industry to make is to expand online gambling’s mobile capacity. It is clear for any onlooker to see that mobile is taking over online gambling. PCs will still be relevant, but it won’t compete with many players using mobile devices to play.

Experts predict that more land-based gambling establishments will join the growing number of brick and mortar betting enterprises with online sites.


Mobile is taking over the online gambling market because the consumer trend-charts all point to the increasing demand for mobile gambling. Mobile offers some fascinating benefits such as convenience and uncomplicated betting. The new ‘oil’ of online gambling is mobile.