Euphorbias are an easy to grow perennial – drought and heat tolerant – long blooming, low maintenance and have few problems, making them an excellent addition to gardens in Spain.

Popular for their richly coloured leaves and unusual flowers – parts are not flowers but modified leaves called bracts – the blooms are tiny and distinctly, non-flowery looking.

Benefits of having bracts is that the floral heads continue, long after the flowers have finished.

Euphorbias are in general sun lovers, though some will tolerate partial shade.

Those with deep-purple or reddish foliage will have more-intense colouring, if planted in full sun, with a few types preferring dappled shade.

Some are short-lived, but worth growing. With over 2,000 types, you will find one that will thrive in your garden.

Divide or propagate every two to three years, either in early autumn or spring. They will benefit from being cut back hard, by at least one-third, after flowering is finished, encouraging a flush of new fresh foliage.

Wear gloves when handling euphorbias, and quickly wash off any milky sap that gets on your skin, as it’s a strong irritant.

The sap also makes euphobias poisonous. Be aware if you have children and pets.