Becoming a bodybuilder isn’t as easy as it seems. Most of us believe how hard it could be to follow a diet plan easy bodybuilding meals? But you will be surprised to find out when you start your journey. Things can get quite challenging, and no one likes to be a strict diet that prevents them from eating everything they like.

Imagine being able to only eat good carbs, veggies, fruits, and supplements. No more beers, no more sugar intake, and no more binge eating. Sounds stressful?

Well, it is, but at the same time, there are some pretty simple bodybuilding diet rules that you can follow to maintain your weight, gain weight, or lose weight if you wish too. Want to know how? Well, continue reading to find how you can boost your bodybuilding goals by managing your diet effectively.

1-     Measure your calories

The first rule you need to follow when it comes to bodybuilding is measuring your calorie intake. You can only come up with an effective diet plan if you know how many calories you need to consume every day to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain it. The amount that you consume will determine your body mass in the next coming days.

The best way to measure your calorie intake is to use a calorie calculating formula. There are a few that you can use, but we will recommend that you go with the Mifflin-St Jeor formula because several bodybuilders have referred to it.

The best approach to use your calories intake to adjust your body mass is to develop a diet plan based on the number of calories you believe you need to consume. Carry out that diet for at least two weeks and measure weight daily to check by the end of 15 days, whether it has been effective or not.

If not, then try to adjust it 100-300 calories and follow the same for the next two weeks. Remember, consistency here is the key. If you are going to be binge eating or garbing a couple of beers with friends, then you need to account for that as well. Otherwise, your entire 2-week diet will go in vain.

2-     Protein Intake

As a bodybuilder, one of your major goals is to gain muscle mass. Out of all the nutrients, protein is the one that plays a major role in muscle building. Therefore you must include it in your muscle-building diet plan. Not only is a protein linked to enhancing your muscle size, but it also helps lose weight.

Bodybuilders often shift to a protein-based diet to shed the extra KGs they have gained over their sessions. It is important for a bodybuilder to at least consume 2 grams of protein every day, especially in the initial days of workout. You might be thinking, why should you do so when you already have the desired muscle mass?

Well, the reason behind that muscle mass falls gradually if you do not consume protein regularly. When you work out, you burn the energy in your muscles; therefore, consuming protein is important in order to replenish that lost energy every day.

According to certain experts, you can take it down a notch to 1.6 grams per day if you are following a carb-based diet. You can try and adjust it all in your calorie intake. If you are not sure how it works, you can consult a professional in such regard. They are highly familiar with the food items you can consume to supply a certain number of calories per day.

3-     Time your calories intake

Your body works in a regulated manner. You can’t expect it to break down your food and carry out an important digestion process every time you eat something. When it comes to bodybuilding diet plans, it is not only the food that matters, but the time when you consume certain foods is also important.

Protein Timing

Out of all the important processes that take place in your body, protein synthesis is the one that is of importance to bodybuilders. According to experts, your body carries out protein synthesis every four to six hours, depending on the type of food that you consume. Therefore it is recommended that you set specific times during the day for consuming your meals to regulate your system accordingly.

Carb Timing

Similar to how proteins are important for muscle building, carbs are required for energy. You won’t be able to work out if you don’t have enough energy. But new bodybuilders often believe that they should eat after their workout to replenish the lost energy during the workout.

But that is just not the case, false rumor that prevents you from achieving your goals. Instead of eating after your workout, you should adopt a habit of consuming a carb-filled diet at least three to four hours before a workout. Furthermore, try to consume light carbs, such as bananas, 30 minutes before your workout, to give yourself the energy to build your muscles.


Now managing time can be hard. If you miss out on one cycle, that doesn’t mean your entire plan goes to waste. It just has a minor impact on your overall performance. So skipping one meal at a certain time won’t lead to any setbacks. But habitually skipping meals, not following your routine will significantly hold you back from achieving your goals.

4-     Leave out the drugs

As a bodybuilder, there is no room for drugs in your diet plan. Your one dosage of drugs can lead to addiction and ruin your entire workout plan. Once you get hooked on them, you can say goodbye to your dream of becoming a bodybuilder. So if you consume anything that might have an intoxicating or additive effect on your mind or body, you need to drop it right away.

In case you are taking opioids to fight pain, we suggest that you try Red dragon Kratom to manage your pain effectively. Since it is an herbal supplement, therefore it does zero to minimize damage to your performance, unlike pain killers.

5-     Choose supplements carefully

As a bodybuilder, you might need to take income dietary supplements from time to time to maintain your performance. Supplements for Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, monohydrate, creatine, and caffeine are quite common among bodybuilders. But before you go ahead and get some for yourself, make sure to consult a professional first.

Consult your coach and ask for suggestions in case you are not sure which one to go with. If you have any medical conditions, we suggest that you consult your doctor as well. You will be surprised how something good can negatively impact you, without you even noticing.

Final Words

The best workouts require you to be on the best of your diet as well. Without a proper diet, you won’t have the energy or the muscle mass to pick up those exercising tools or even get out of bed the next day.

So follow these easy rules to turn your bodybuilding dream to reality. If you are new to it all, you can ask professionals to help you out and design a well-suited, simple to follow diet plan for you.