• Learn more on how to install windows and doors so that you don’t make mistakes when the time comes for renovating your home.

Tips on How to Install Windows and Doors

Before embarking on renovation of your home, especially renovation of your windows and doors, you should learn how to install doors and windows. These home elements play an essential role in your home and not the usual role of acting as an entry and exist way. They affect the appearance of your home significantly, allow light and air into your home and provide a view of the outside.

Nevertheless, through extended exposure to weather elements such as cold and heat, doors and windows start to lose their effectiveness and compromise the curb appeal of your home. When this happens, there are many negative impacts that can befall your home. Your home may become drafty and less secure. The doors and windows Oakville becomes weak and any would-be burglar can access your home through the windows. It also impacts the energy consumption in your home, hence driving up your monthly energy bills. The best thing is that, with this Total Home Oakville guide, you can easily learn how to install windows and doors in just a few steps. Take a look.

1. Hints for Making Installation Easier

When you decide to install new windows and doors, it is important to have clever tips to make your work easier. They include:

  • Having the right tools.
  • Reducing time by using weather-stripping that is self-adhesive.
  • Reducing drafts by using a gasket.
  • Identifying damages caused by weather elements.
  • Choosing the right hardware.
  • Additional preparation.

2. Priming the Space

Priming the space depends on the work to be done on your components. Whether you will remove the entire unit and replace it with a new one, or just the damaged parts, priming is an invaluable step.

  1. Doors

Look at the condition of the existing frame. If it is still looking and functioning great, leave it intact. But, when it is malfunctioned, remove the door with the frame.

Start by removing the hinges for fast and easy work. When re-using the frame, you do not remove it but slide in the new door in place. When replacing the entire unit, you have to build everything, and it can be time-consuming.

3. Framing Essentials

  • Heavy-duty hammer
  • Saws
  • Level
  • Carpenter’s squares
  • Tape measure
  • Nails

4. Windows

You can choose to replace your existing windows Oakville for many reasons. Whichever the reason, the process of removing is the same. It involves:

  • Exposing the nailing fins by removing the siding. Since the fins are found on the outside of your window, remove the siding from this side.
  • Use the cat’s paw tool to remove old nails and caulk. When you are done, take out the old unit carefully.

5. Level and Measure the Area

To ensure the efficiency of the windows and doors you are going to install, make sure the area is leveled. A level comes in handy, and if you note the area is uneven, re-adjust or sand the frame until it’s leveled.

If the unevenness is caused by rot, replace the frame, being careful not to interfere with the electrical wiring. Electricity must be switched off when doing the work.

Once you have leveled the area, measure so you can buy the right size of the unit to be installed. Confirm the measurements by redoing measurement, and leave 1/2-inch height and 3/4 – inch width allowances.

6. Hanging Doors

Installing an exterior hanging door is different from an interior one. Tools and procedures involved are different, and exterior hanging doors seem to consume more time. So, while working on these doors, get the right tools to avoid getting disappointed.

7. Interior vs. Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are often manufactured with heavier frames and more insulation than interior doors. Since exterior doors provide security and are exposed to weather elements, they need this reinforcement and takes time to install than interior doors.

8. Installing Doors and Hinges

Start screwing the hinges into the frame. Once they are in position, hung your door and hammer the pins. Test whether it is operating smoothly by opening and closing it several times. Fasten the screws or re-position them in case it does not perform well until your door runs smoothly.