Come to think about it, there are no easier ways of saying goodbye to a loved one. It’s even harder when consoling those in your inner circle. Farewells are hard, tough, and sad, especially when it applies to the special people in your life.

These are situations that will be filled with emotions. For those who’ve formed a special kind of attachment, saying the last goodbye is the last thing that you’ll want to do. 

All in all, saying goodbye is no easy thing, whether to a living loved one or a sickly loved one who’s on the verge of passing on to the next life. But it will be in your best interests to show your honor, respect, and utmost care at this very demanding time in your life. To make it easier for you, here’s how to say goodbye to a loved one the proper way. 

Do It in Writing

If you’ve lost a loving one in whatever circumstances, the goodbye doesn’t have to be in person. You’ll not be required to make a statement at their funeral service to show your remorse. You have the option of doing it in writing. 

Your short note can actually be read during the memorial and by someone else. You have grief, and this is understandable. You might be overcome with emotions to the point that you cannot make that well-written speech.

Nat Juchems, a co-founder at Green Meadow Memorials says that you also have the option of making a well-thought note on your loved one’s urn if it helps you to find closure. But then again, you need to ensure that you have put a lot of thought into your note. It could also be a farewell letter addressed to your loved one that you could keep for years to come as a memorial.

Some’ll write a farewell letter and release it in a balloon. You also have others who’ll have the farewell letter in a bottle and then dump it in the ocean. All these are ways that will help to provide you with closure and comfort.

Pay Your Tributes through Artistic Ways

Nothing should hold you back from writing an inspired poem, song, or a memorable work of art that will live as a memorial for your loved one. Art is a language that’s not only understandable by humans but well appreciated by angels. If your loved one went to live with the angels, they’ll very much appreciate your efforts of composing a song for them.

You could present it at the memorial service or keep it to yourself. It could also be at the “missing man table” for one of your fallen soldiers that you perform or showcase an artistic piece of art in their honor. 

Raise a Glass

Raise a glass.

If you had a drinking buddy and it’s at that time of their life where things are just irreversible and they are gone for good, you could gather your friends and family around and make a toast in their honor. As a responsible drinker, this will be at a time when you’d be tempted to drink yourself down the pit and all with the aim to drain your sorrows away.

But the thing is, heartache doesn’t end in a day, and neither can it be washed away with booze. Raising a toast with your favorite gin, whiskey, or ram could be all it takes to say goodbye to your loved one rather than taking it as an excuse to drown yourself in liquor.

After all, it’s about celebrating a life well-lived! Afterward, you could ask a designated driver to take you home or take a cab. 

Seek Help

Nothing should hold you back from seeking help when it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one. Counseling is among the things that will help you to get over those tough and painful emotions.

No one is immune from such and a counselor could help you pour your thoughts and deepest emotions. All it takes is to find a counselor you are comfortable with. Below are the benefits of post grief therapy. They include:

  • It helps you to cope with grief
  • You’ll be at ease to get back to your daily tasks
  • A professional counselor will help you to find comfort in the positive memories you shared with your loved one even after a sorrowful goodbye
  • You’ll be at a better position to understand grief and help others going through the same issues

There will be those who’ll find it easy to say goodbye to a loved one and then there are those who’ll not. Hey, this is not one of those ‘one size fits all’ situations. Everyone has their moments and there will be those who’ll have a complex process in letting go.

The above tips are aimed at making the journey easier as well as helping you to cope with the situation. You are not alone, so, take heart and be strong!