• Among the measures approved on Friday by the Consell; for a failure to wear a mask, a fine of 100 euros

The Valencian Community has approved the draft laws establishing the level of sanctions for breaches of preventive measures against COVID-19.

The decree law contains a complete table of specific sanctions for those who fail to comply with the measures issued by the health authorities to fight against COVID-19.

The new decree consists of three chapters, fifteen articles, two additional provisions, a transitional provision and a final provision. Those adults responsible for offenses will be held personally responsible while in the case of minors, their parents or legal guardians will be responsible.

The sanctions are divided into three groups: minor, serious and very serious. In the first group, the following transgressions are considered minor infractions and, therefore, liable to be sanctioned with fines of between 60 and 600 euros:

  • Failure to wear a mask or its inappropriate use, a sanction with a maximum of 100 euros.
  • Public establishments failing to inform customers about the capacity of the premises, the minimum interpersonal distance or the use of a mask.
  • Failure to comply with general hygiene and prevention measures in public or private premises when it does not pose a risk of contagion or the risk affects less than 15 people.
  • Violation of quarantine by those who have not tested positive for Covid-19, but who are direct contacts of a confined patient.
  • Breaking a general order of confinement.

Part two of the new law considers the following to be serious offenses and punishable with fines of between 601 to 30,000 euros to violate:

  • Exceeding limits of capacity in public establishments when it is not a minor or very serious fault.
  • The organisation or participation in meetings, parties or any other private or public act that involves an group or in which the adoption of sanitary measures is not carried out.
  • Maintaining the safety distance between tables or groupings of tables in premises open to the public and outdoor terraces.
  • Hygiene measures and the obligation to clean and disinfect the entrances to the premises and places where the public sits.
  • Allowing the public to use spaces in an establishment for activities not allowed.
  • Hygiene measures for any type of establishment when it poses a risk of contagion or affects more than 15 people.
  • Failing to comply with requirement to maintain home isolation.

Serious sanctions could result in the suspension or closure of an activity, the closure of the premises and the exclusion of an organisation, promotion of public shows and recreational activities for a maximum period of six months.

Other infractions classified as very serious, that can carry a fine of between 30,001 to 60,000 euros are as follows:

  • Not respecting the limits of capacity, as well as the prevention of hygiene measures by establishments open to the public when it involves a serious risk that affects more than 150 people.
  • Exceeding the capacity of the establishment if minors and / or over 65 are present.
  • Organising meetings or parties, private or public, that involve a cluster which prevents the adoption of sanitary measures or minors and / or over 65 years of age are present.
  • Preventing the inspection by the agents of the authority or officials, as well as the refusal to comply with any requests.
  • Failure to close dance floors for this use.
  • Repeatedly violate home isolation, having tested positive for COVID-19.

For very serious sanctions, the new law also provides for the suspension or prohibition of the activity, the closure of the premises and the disqualification of the organization and promotion of public shows and recreational activities for a maximum period of three years and cumulatively up to a maximum of 10.