In the lottery, the odds of winning big are very thin, but this does not stop people from making their dreams come true and imagine how their life can change overnight. Many call it luck while others define their winning as a strategy.

Throughout the years, lottery companies have always uplifted hopes of many individuals by providing a massive sum of money as a jackpot which makes the winner a rich person with just combination of numbers or another method. Here is a list of some of the best payouts that have ever been won in the United States of America.

1. $1.586 billion (Powerball)

There were three winners for the record jackpot of $1.5 billion. The winning tickets were sold in Florida, Tennessee, and the California town of Chino hills. There had been 19 previous draws without a winner.

The winning numbers were 08, 27, 34, 04, and 19, and the Powerball was 10.

The Tennessee family of Munford showed up to receive their winning share while the Florida winner, who had played for years, claimed her prize with a trust. The California family claimed they did not want to become a family figure where they donated most of their winnings to charity.

2. Estimated jackpot: $1.537 billion (Mega Millions)

The jackpot was won in October 2018 by a lady living in California. She took long to present herself for the winnings. On March 4, 2019, a few weeks before the deadline, she claimed her prize.trrough her lawyer, the opted for the anonymity option where her decision was respected.

When deciding whether to take a one-time lump sum payment or the annuity, she opted for the cash, which summed around $878,000,000. Through her lawyer, she announced she would donate to the charity together with supporting Hurricane Florence relief.

3. $768.4 million (Powerball)

The 2019 jackpot by a single ticket in Wisconsin. The winner of the prize, a 24 years old Manuel franco who had purchased $10 worth of individual Powerball tickets. Before the big win, he said how he couldn’t have $1,000 in his bank account.

Before taxation, franco had a choice of a one-time lump sum of $477 million or an estimated annuity of $768.4 million to be paid for 29 years where he opted for the lumpsum option.

4. $758.7 million (Powerball)

With the winning ticket 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, and Powerball number 4 Wanczyk, 53 was declared the winner is having a single ticket. The winning ticket was sold in different stores, Watertown and Massachusetts. Still, because of some errors by the officials, the water town sold another ticket worth $1 million with the five correct numbers except the Powerball.

As the trend with many winners, Wanczyk opted for the lump sum of $480.5 million, which she collected at once.

5. $687.8 million (Powerball)

The 2018 jackpot was won by two tickets, one in New York and the other io Iowa. Robert bailey of new york, who won half of the lottery, claimed he would do the right with the money and continue playing the lottery.

On the other side, Iowa winner Lerynne West of Redfield had her ticket misplaced, which was later found. She decided to start a foundation and bought a new car.

6. $656 million (Mega Millions)

The jackpot was won in March 2012 with three tickets sold in Illinois, Maryland, and Kansas. The Illinois winner Merle and Patricia Butler had kept silent for three weeks before presenting themselves for the prize. the marriage partners for 41 years said they had a plan to buy a new car and attend St. Louis Cardinals games

The three Amigos as the referred to themselves, the Maryland winners worked in Maryland education system, and their ticked was as a result of pooling their money to buy 60 tickets. They enjoyed after the win and joked about putting tattoos of the winning numbers.

The third winner from Kansas decided to remain anonymous.

7. $648 million (Mega Millions)

The winning tickets for this jackpot were sold in Georgia and California in December 2013. The winners were Ira curry Georgia and Steve Tran of California.

Ira Curry said her winning tickets were a combination of the family birthdays plus the family lucky number 7. She bought her ticket in the last minutes.

Steve Tran of California on his route as a delivery driver had purchased multiple tickets in several stores.

8. $590.5 million (Powerball)

A single mother won the jackpot of 2013 from Florida. Gloria MacKenzie purchased her ticket, and that wade her the winner of the biggest prize won by a single ticket at that time.

The ticket was sold in Publix supermarket before a massive power ball lottery drawing on Saturday.

On Monday, nobody claimed the winning, but later, the single mother presented herself for the big win and reived her $270 million lump sum.

9. $587.5 million (Powerball)

The winning two tickets were from Missouri and Arizona.the series of winning numbers were 05, 16, 22, 23, 29, and a Powerball of 6. After the Powerball website was overwhelmed with the traffic, the site only produced an error message where an official said that the jackpot had increased to $587.5 by the time of drawing

With Cindy and Mark Hill of Dearborn winning, they had plans of supporting their grandchildren’s education together with nieces and nephews.

10. $564.1 million (Powerball)

The winning tickets were from North Carolina and Puerto Rico. The ticket in Northern Carolina winning ticket was snagged in Brunswick County according to officials while the Texas ticket was sold at Appletree Food Mart in Princeton, north of Dallas.

The winning numbers were 11, 13, 25, 39, and 54, with a Powerball number of 19, which had been nearly a year since a Powerball prize topped $400 million.

In conclusion, there had been other winners of different prizes aside these top winnings.whether is a stroke of luck or a strategy, the winners stand to mine a large sum of money to some it’s a life-changing occurrence.

Also, it should be known that there even losers as try to make big money in these lotteries and gambling, so make an informed decision when you want to buy a ticket; it might be a life-changing occasion.