The Internet is undoubtedly the most significant advance of our time. It has changed our habits in many ways, making it impossible to trace how different our lives are now. For example, casino fans had to drive to physical locations to place any bet, and we now have safe and legal options accessible with a few clicks.

Developing an industry always comes with many challenges, especially if you are an old-time player. Use the following tips to enhance your online casino experience and have as much fun as possible.

Go Legal

There are thousands of online casinos, but only a fraction of them have an active license issued by a trusted government. For example, in Spain, only casinos holding a license issued by the DGOJ (Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego) can offer casino games in the country.

Playing at legal casinos is the best decision you can make: the games will be fair and, in case of any discrepancy with the operator, you are backed by the licensor.

Play in your language

You don’t have to play “ruleta online” if you don’t speak Spanish. Even if you live in Spain, major sites like have their software translated into many languages, and the games offered are localized not only for the country you are playing in but also for games around the world.

Become an expert

When you visit a brick and mortar, you are usually amazed by the number of different games available: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, to name just the most popular. Take that experience and multiply it by 100, and that will be a reasonable estimate of the comprehensive offer that an online casino offers.

Of course, it is always fun to try new and exciting games, but a good advice is to choose some and become an expert: learn the rules, develop a strategy.

Protect your bankroll

The bankroll is the amount of money you spend on the game. Protecting it is very important to any player. Or at least have one. Nobody has an infinite wallet, so it is not good to visit a casino without defining how much money you are going to play (and how much you are willing to lose).

How can you protect your bankroll? Following an easy rule: never play outside your stakes. If you can only bet $1 per round, don’t jump to the $10 tables to “recover” the losses of the last ten hands. If the gambling gods are not on your side, you will lose more money than you can afford.


Defining how long you want to gamble is as important as having a clear bankroll. With Internet games, it is common to lose track of time and play all night long. That is risky for your health and your wallet.

Brick and mortar casinos do not have clocks or windows to distract players and make them stay as long as possible. Still, at home, the situation is different; you can easily set alarms, check clocks, etc. to avoid exceeding the time you decided to spend at the tables.