The world of gambling, so far, has been able to outlive the times by being able to adapt to the changes, especially with technology.

From land-based casinos, the world of online casinos have been introduced and was embraced by enthusiasts with great warmth. To take things further, live casino games featuring real dealers were introduced. But is there a “next level” after that?

With the ability of gambling to adapt to the innovation of technology, the rise of virtual reality real money casinos is no longer a matter of if, but only a matter of when. But what is virtual reality all about? Here are the things you need to know about virtual reality and how it can bring online casinos to a whole new level of gambling.

What is virtual reality and how can you gamble with it

Virtual reality, in the simplest sense, is the use of computer-generated graphics in order to create an environment that immerses the player as if they are “inside of it.” In order to achieve the feeling of being inside a “virtual world,” a user wears a virtual reality headset that projects immersive images in a hyper-realistic environment.

Throughout the years, there had been many uses of virtual reality: in gaming, in entertainment, and even in music. This technology can easily apply to online gambling in the way that the software can project an immersive environment of a casino wherein players can go and play games using their avatars, or their digital selves.

What equipment do you need to play virtual reality casino?

There are two main equipment that you would need should online casinos in virtual reality become a real thing in the future. First off is some kind of virtual reality headset. This is a gear that you wear over your head and covering your eyes. Existing brands of virtual reality headsets include Sony’s PlayStation VR, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Steam VR from Valve, and Vive from HTC.

There are other cheaper VR headsets from smaller developers, too. Also, there is the budget and entry-level VR headset from Google called the Google cardboard. This piece of gear is designed specifically for use for capable smartphones.

Another equipment you would need is a computer or a gaming console (if an online casino eventually finds its way to gaming console systems). However, not every computer is capable of running virtual reality software. Since virtual reality demands high processing capabilities, you would want to make sure that your system is up to it.

When it comes to hardware, you would want to make sure your processor has enough power to handle the processing load of a VR game. Any high-end processor from 2016 or later should do the job.

One more thing that is important is the GPU or the graphics card. Any graphics card from 2016 or later with a memory of not lower than 4 GB should do a decent job in handling the graphics. The amount of RAM is also important–anything above 8 GB should be able to handle the load of the software.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a VR casino?

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of being able to play online casinos in virtual reality. Here are some of them:


  • Playing online casinos is more realistic than ever.
  • The experience is as close as playing in a land-based casino.
  • You can feel like you are “in the scene.”


  • The equipment needed to play in VR is a bit expensive.
  • Not all players can afford a VR-capable system.