Despite the fact that the Councillor for Markets, Víctor Bernabéu, announced that the reopening of Orihuela street markets had been postponed until further notice, police signs have appeared this Tuesday afternoon along Calle Fuego in Cabo Roig prohibiting parking on Thursday from 5am to 5pm.

Bernabéu told the press at the weekend “We are forced to delay the reopening of our markets until further notice”, explaining that “the organizational complexity to start everything up due to the rigorous sanitary measures forced the council to delay re opening until all security measures can be guaranteed for both traders and the public”.

Adding that everyone involved would be given plenty of notice prior to any decision being taken the councillor effectively told us that the reopening of markets had been put on hold for some time.

Guess whether the Orihuela markets are on or off!
Guess whether the Orihuela markets are on or off!

However, with the appearance of the police sign this afternoon Snr Bernabéu has seemingly changed his mind……or has he? I wonder if he has told the traders, because the public certainly don’t know!

Yet another example of mixed messages from Orihuela council. Perhaps they should change the web address to I wonder if it’s still available.