Europe’s top-flight football fans have been on a panic ever since the global pandemic forced most of the world’s sports leagues to shut down for a while and wait it out. ESports quickly took advantage of the scene and helped out fans and players to deal with their boredom.

The platform of eFIFA has been very successful amidst the global pandemic. They have given fans some options to entertain themselves aside from watching past games in their respective leagues.

Competitive video gaming has not been that invulnerable to the pandemic. A lot of major gaming leagues have been cancelled as well. In the absence of the live sport, however, people have opted to turn their attention to the world of virtual football.

How eFIFA Began to Change the World

Football video games first made its move in the late 1970s, where the EA Sports’ FIFA series became a hit. Respective streamings allowed them to eventually emerge with 3.3 million followers later on and have since adopted many things during the pandemic.

There are a lot of innovations. An electronic version of the Champions League has been adopted, followed by the FA Cup, and the World Cup as well. These tournaments have been the primary source of entertainment for football since the pandemic began, and it has gained a lot of traction ever since.

Somehow, it was a quick way to allow the football players and fans to stay at home and just play the game they love on their consoles. It promotes the act of staying at home while also advertising the game at the same time. It has allowed the fans to enjoy the relative safety of their homes.

Modern Innovations

Fans can now also simulate the games they want by just playing the games left themselves. For example, they can play out the rest of the Premier League season by just noting the last Matchdays left and simply checking out how the league will possibly end up.

There are a lot of uncertainties in the eFIFA. We can actually see if Liverpool manages to clinch the Premier League title in just two wins. Also, we can check to see which of the bottom five teams would actually end up being relegated.

If a Bundesliga fan would play, then it seems likely to check if Bayern holds down the top spot with just 11 matches left. Players of the eFIFA can even come up with their own custom series with a mix up among the variety of La Liga, Serie A, Premier League, and Bundesliga clubs.

Barcelona would be a heavy favourite for these kinds of games. The team was up in the standings with a lead over Real Madrid, and we all know how the name Lionel Messi appeals to players who love the game so much.

Also, eFIFA allows you to assemble your own starting XI. You can actually create a lineup composed of your favourite players from different teams just to suit your gaming needs. It allows anyone to enjoy the borderless venue of the eFIFA that is helping people to stay at home.

There are a lot of live eFIFA matches that are taking place today, and one can simply enjoy a game by simply joining their live broadcasts or by any other means. It provides entertainment that popular players and leagues unfortunately fail to give during these trying times.

There are a lot of football players who are even playing the game. Big names in the sport such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Mess, and Paul Pogba have done some streams on their own.

We can all agree on the fact that eFIFA has done its job well in helping out football fans and players to satisfy their game cravings. We stay entertained by playing while staying at home.