• Unlikely that Hercules and Orihuela will be relegated from Segunda B

The Spanish Football Federation will decide on Friday what they are going to do about the Segunda B and the Tercera Divisions.

Except for a last minute U-turn, on Monday night the position was that the Federation has decided to abandon relegation.

The Superior Sports Council (CSD) has confirmed that the respective Sports Federations will decide how to end their own competitions that cannot be concluded normally due to the coronavirus.

This has been communicated to all federations through a statement which says that each organisation “must resolve all aspects that arise, in relation to their own regular non-professional leagues”.

The controversial resolution of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) has led to the confirmation that there will not be that support initially promised by the Government  and that it is up to the Federations, starting with the RFEF, to resolve their own issues.

All the options are on the table to end the 2019/20 season: to complete the Leagues with promotions and relegations; terminate the regular League only with promotions decided by an express play-off or to declare the season as void, that is, without promotions and relegations.

Just three weeks ago Rubiales proposed to end the regular season with no relegation and only a ‘play-off’ to decide promotions, a proposal that received majority support from the clubs. As such this would seem to be the likely outcome.

So unless there is a last minute surprise, on Friday the 8th the situation regarding the Second B, and Division 3 will be resolved.

As such the Alicante clubs, Hercules and Orihuela will both remain in Segunda B despite occupying relegation positions.