• Novak Djokovic, who is spending quarantine in Marbella with his family, has skipped government lockdown measures to resume training.
  • The Serb practiced with a colleague on a clay court at the Puente Romano hotel

Novak Djokovic sparked controversy on Monday by returning to training, taking advantage of government permission for professional athletes to carry out some training activities in phase 0. However, the Balkan has ignored the measures imposed by playing tennis against an opponent after which he then posted the controversial video on his Instagram account.

Djokovic trained with Malaga tennis player Carlos Gómez Herrera, something that is not allowed in phase 0 of the de-escalation.

But it doesn’t stop there, since both are seen playing on a clay court at the Puente Romano Tennis Club, and the rules clearly say that the tennis courts must remain closed until the implementation of phase 1, which, in principle, will begin next Monday on May 11 .


The Balkan was clearly enjoying himself, playing with a phone in his hands and simultaneously recording a video.

“How good this point. Do you like to run, Carlos? I am very happy with your movements. I’m happy to play on clay, well, for the moment, and I have the phone in my hands. I do not recommend it though,” he recorded on Instagram in a jocular tone.

It was the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) itself that specified that in phase 0 of de-escalation “the training of any group on a tennis court is not authorised”, so Djokovic has ignored the measures imposed by the Government at least twice, it is believed.