Nothing makes a home feel homier than having a reliable entertainment system. This can be an audio system or a full rounded entertainment system such as a home theatre. When you’re at home going about household chores such as cleaning, cooking, or tidying up, having some music on can boost your motivation to get things accomplished faster.

A great entertainment system will also come in handy when you simply need to relax after a long day/week at work, not to mention how crucial it is when holding a house party. We can go on and on about the importance of picking the right home theatre or sound system, but one thing’s for sure, not so many people know how to go about it.

At the end of the day, it all revolves around ensuring that you get quality sound, a great viewing experience, and maximum entertainment without having to remodel your home or break the bank to get it done. One of the best ways to learn anything is to learn through the mistakes of others so you can avoid making them. 

This having been said, here are the 7 biggest mistakes anyone can make when picking a home entertainment system.

Ignoring TV Compatibility

Most home entertainment systems include an audio player or DVD player and a range of speakers, sometimes along with a few peripherals. Very few, if any, come with a TV set, even though you will need it to play your favorite DVDs and even stream your favorite shows over cable or antenna. 

Greg from says that if you’re experiencing troubles with your TV signal reception, there are various ways to fix it, including elevating your antenna, looking for weatherproof cables, and changing the antenna’s position, among others. These fixes can allow you to get more channels, clearer pictures, and good sound.

However, your home theatre system has to be compatible with your TV in terms of cable connections for you to enjoy great entertainment. Different types of TVs have various audio connection options, including HDMI, audio jacks, and ARC support. The idea is to ensure that your home theatre systems can easily pick up sound from your TV set without much hustle.

Failing to Consider the Available Space

Before picking up a home theatre, it’s important to consider the amount of space you have in your home. This is because the space and shape of the room will largely affect the quality of sound, and this is something you want to get right.

Experts say that rectangular rooms that are a bit spacious but not hollow provide a better sound effect compared to square rooms, so you’ll want to check the dimensions, not forgetting that they’ll determine the best size for your screen. Also, bigger rooms tend to do well with floor-standing speakers, whereas for smaller rooms, stand-mounted speakers are more appropriate.

Forgetting Audio Experience

Sound quality is one of the most important things to think of when choosing a home entertainment system. It affects the entire experience when watching or listening to music. As much as you’ll want to capitalize on screen size, avoid underestimating the importance of sound quality.

Not Considering the Ease of Installation

Well, the ease of setup may not appear to be a concern at first, but wait until you move and you have to reassemble everything back together. In such scenarios, an easy-to-install home entertainment system can be a plus, so you don’t have to pay an expert every time you need to relocate your entertainment system or connect it to other media devices.

Ignoring the Intended Users

It’s important to choose your home entertainment system with its intended users in mind. For instance, are they more into deep bass or is it only a matter of great music? Are they tech-savvy or could they be technically challenged? Some of these factors may help you make the right decision.  

Only Focusing on the Sub-Woofer

While the subwoofer has a huge impact on a home theatre’s sound quality, the mid-range, and high-frequency sounds from the right and left speakers are not any less important. So, before you get wowed by that deep bass, be sure to consider how the smaller speakers sound as well.

Failing to seek expert help can also be a huge mistake. This is because with potentially hundreds of options out there, choosing the right home entertainment system for your needs can be a rather daunting task. With expert advice, you can avoid most, if not all the mistakes mentioned above and potentially save hundreds of dollars off your purchase while avoiding future disappointments.