• The European Parliament is investigating whether Spain’s ‘lockdown’ has violated human rights

“The Government of Spain has illegally introduced a very dangerous and disturbing system of suspension of individual rights that could be classified as a de facto transitory dictatorship,” maintains the document registered in Europe.

The European Parliament will investigate whether Sánchez’s state of alarm has violated fundamental rights

We confirm receipt of your complaint and “we let you know that we are currently studying your case.”  This is the response of the Human Rights Commission of the European Parliament to the petition presented by the Spanish lawyer José Ortega against the government decree declaring Spain’s state of alarm.

Ortega officially registered his complaint before the commission of petitions of the Eurochamber, through the, claiming that it is a violation of “fundamental rights in Spain”.

PP MEP Leopoldo López

The letter urges the European authorities to instruct the Government of Spain to modify the Royal Decree of March 14, and the extension of the 17th of March “so that its measures of free movement are limited but not prohibited, and which must include a series of outdoor activities, that may be carried out by members of the public.”

In the opinion of Ortega, what the government outlines as “limitations” constitutes, in reality, an “effective suspension of the right of free movement, which is a fundamental right of a person included not only in the European Convention on Human Rights but also in other International Human Rights Treaties and, of course, also included in the Spanish Constitution”.

“The Government of Spain has illegally introduced a very dangerous and disturbing system of suspension of individual rights that could be described as a de facto transitory dictatorship,” says Snr Ortega.

Although Spanish law establishes that “the acts and provisions of the Public Administration adopted during the states of alarm may be appealed to the courts, in Spain the courts have closed their doors, which causes the unusual a situation that not only has the Government de facto and illegitimately suspended a fundamental right “of citizens, but that” sanctions are being imposed and mass arrests are taking place”. This has given rise to an “unusual situation” because “there is no one to complain or appeal to,” the petition maintains.


  1. I have been living in Spain as a Dutch citizen for over 20 years. I am used to Spanish rules and customs. I know the culture and feel at home here. I never thought that this country could turn into a nightmare within only 24 hours. When I heard the rules of the state of alarm, I immediately said: but is this possible? Isn’t this inhumane and against human rights? Anyway, it would be for 2 weeks, so we could keep it up. However, we are now entering week 5 with at least 2 weeks to go, and a further extension of 2 more weeks has already been announced. It is forbidden to leave your house, except for primary needs. We are monitored and controlled everywhere. Adults and children are not allowed to go outside, even not in a communal garden. The government has completely oppressed us and huge fines are being given if the reason you state is not good enough in their eyes. The situation feels very threatening: not the virus, but the measures. We feel completely powerless and frustrated. The remedy in this case is worse than the disease. I sincerely hope that the Spanish government will be corrected as soon as posible. This must not be continued!

      • Stopped by the police 8 oclock at night 14 of April. We could possibly be fined 600 euros per dog for walking our two westies 350 metres,from our home in Rota, to the same plaza which we did a few weeks ago.Then stoped by the police told us “Your dogs do there business and go home”.in there multa they wrote we have walked 1 km, told only allowed 50 metres distance from your home. No notices in the streets,no communication from the authorities.

  2. I couldnt agree more. WE NEED HELP!
    Alot of bussines are already bankrupt,if you dont get a ICO loan with 2% intrest. Nobody around me have recieved any money yet from the goverment! Including staff thats in the ERTE! Lets not even begin about the people that are working here without papers on the black. In construction, restaurants etc. Stuck with there families in home! All day. Like all day. I dont know where you live. But near me people random scream sometimes outside. I hear couples having fights! I kid you not. Most people have no clue what is really happening and how this is damaging and traumatizing many people. I truly hope this Corona virus is over fast and the measures where worth it

  3. I have lived in Spain for 19 years and yes I agree our lockdown is very strict. However surely if it is for our own benefit in the long term its worth it. If we had soft lockdown (like UK) we could be looking at much longer to get this virus under control, this means more damage to businesses and people who work them.
    I think that he made the decision to protect us all and we should be thanking him, not putting him down. Other countries do not a leader who has the balls he has. Not sure anyone will agree with me, but I think that’s a good trait. When lives are at stake tough decisions have to be made and he done the best he could in the situation he was in.

    • You’re still under the impression that we have the power to control this. People will die, and that’s tragic, but there’s a valid question to the effectiveness of the lockdown and the negative consequences that the country will face.

  4. How many deads do you need? In Spain the epidémic exploited. This is the country with more deads by millions of citizens… what kind of measures do you propose? Even with this measures everyday a lot of idiots are fined in parties, to walk out with hens (dogs are permited)…
    Sr. Ortega who is complaining in UE, in Spain says they (Vox) had done more strictly.

  5. I am Slovakian living in Fuerteventura ( Canary Islands), we have 18 active cases, no one in the hospital.. we are some 60 000 people currently on the island that is 100 km long and 40 km wide.. we are not allowed out, is 30 degrees and the children and locals that are very sporty and active are not allowed out. Whyyyy??? It reminds me when I was growing up in communist regime in Slovakia some 30 years ago.. when neighbors would call a police and report a neighbors “because he has already been to the shop twice today”… unbelievable nighmare… and we are stuck in the middle of atlantic ocean, unable to leave and it brings out the worst if people, so so sad

  6. I am Austrian living in Mallorca. After Canary Islands we are the region with the lowest infections. Tomorrow we are already !! 6 weeks !! completely locked up!! We are not allowed to do sport outside alone. We are not allowed to gor for a small walk alone. You feel like a criminal going to the supermarket. I know about cases where the police controlled people and wanted to look inside their shopping bags to check if they really have been to the supermarket, or that the police told people they are only allowed to go to the closest supermarket, or that it`s not allowed to leave the house to buy only one thing. What`s happening here is unbelievable, it is like a nightmare!! The situation became unbearable! These measures are not anymore in a reasonable relation with the intended objective, which was not collapsing intensive care units.