Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosmari Cano, has suspended by decree the payment of certain municipal taxes and fees, following a report made by the Councillor for Finance, Francisco García Cerdá.

To alleviate the financial stress placed upon people and businesses during the current situation, there will be a continued plan for the implementation of further actions for future approval, since some agreements lie within the authority of the Council Pleno and cannot be taken only by the Government Board or the Mayor’s Decree.

The measures to help reduce the monetary burdens of citizens in some ways aim to alleviate the economic impact caused by COVID – 19 and the state of alarm.  Included will be refunds and the temporary suspension of fees for the use of municipal facilities which cannot be used at the moment, as well as the learning centres, such as the music school.

Additionally, it is felt that the self-employed workers have been neglected in the measures adopted by the national government in not reflecting this sector’s importance to the economy as well as their generation of employment.  Mojácar Council will therefore seek the suspension of the municipal taxes for use of certain goods in the town’s commercial establishments during 2020 in relation to items such as tables, chairs, business displays and advertising. As for the municipal rates for weekly market services, an amount of more than 50% will be discounted, according to each individual case.

In line with the local regulations, the Council Plenary sanctions the establishment and repeal of these municipal taxes and fees for its Treasury Department, therefore the necessary actions will be set up as soon as possible.

Another measure initiated by Almería Council is to support all taxpayers throughout the towns that operate systems of delegated collection management, by suspending all deadlines and instalments through a moratorium until this situation ends.