UEFA held a video conference meeting with its 55 member associations today in which they discussed the future of this season’s competitions. In agreeing the priority in which tournaments and competitions are to be concluded it was agreed that priority will be given to finalising domestic leagues in June if at all possible. All Champions League and Europa League matches will be postponed to July and August.

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin said last week the season could be lost if play does not start by the end of June.

The Champions League is at the round of 16 , with four qualifiers still to be decided, including the games between Real Madrid v Manchester City and Barcelona against Naples, while the Europa League is also in that round.

They also decided that there will be no national team matches until September and the Qualifying matches for the Women’s Euro Cup have also been postponed.

UEFA has already decided to postpone for one year the Euro Cup scheduled for this summer.

UEFA is clear that it wants to prioritise national leagues. For this reason it wants them to be able to finish, although they do not lose sight of their own two competitions. However, they are aware that, although in July and August they hope that the situation will be better, the closure of borders and the situation in each country is still likely to be extremely complicated.

Currently the Premier League is suspended until at least 30 April.

Ceferin also said that playing the remaining games behind closed doors would have to be an option across Europe.