• Mazarron Civil Protection Drone useage to Calibrate temperature
  • Warning of disinfection in Alicante-Murcia provinces
  • Supermarket employee reveals people continue to break the lockdown law


The Civil Protection service in Mazarron are active in Drone usage – to Calibrate the temperatures of people – the first force in Spain to do so.

The procedure can identify whether a person is suffering from a high temperature and therefore possible coronavirus.

China put the calibrate temperature measures into operation in China, following the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan that has since spread across the globe.

Regions of Spain continued to disinfect towns and urbanisations in Alicante and Murcia – with a water cannon being used in Alicante province – in a bid to help rid the coronavirus epidemic.

Five thousand inhabitants in Los Montesinos in the Vega Baja hamlet of Alicante awoke of March 30 to deserted streets as disinfecting got underway, in both the town and urbanisations, as the Policia local patrolled the town.

Orihuela Costa disinfecting has been undertaken, along with the city streets of Torrevieja and Elche, being amongst a plethora of areas under lockdown with the COVID-19 crisis.

In Los Montesinos the Ayuntamiento told the townsfolk to remain indoors during the disinfection process, ensuring that both windows and doors remain locked.

Advice was also given by the relevant authorities to keep pets indoors during disinfecting activities.

A supermarket employee has revealed that some people are continuing to break the lockdown laws – by shopping ‘multiple times’ for unnecessary items – putting them in danger of the coronavirus.