By Andrew Atkinson

AS Spain runs short of medical supplies a cargo of numerous items has arrived from China in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) escalating outbreak.

Additional cargo flights from China touched down in Spain over the weekend to replenish much needed medical supplies for many regions.

More scheduled flights from China are set to arrive in Spain this week.

Meanwhile there is an increasing number of people around the world who don’t share in China’s declarations of solidarity with many saying that China is not helping at this point out of “solidarity”. They say that the Chinese regime is now seeking to portray itself as the world’s saviour.

Beijing, at the beginning of the pandemic, did not care about the lives of even its own people: it was busy censoring the news with German Newspaper ‘Bild’ saying last week that “hidden behind declarations of solidarity, China plans to buy out our troubled companies and infrastructure”

Liao Yiwu, a Chinese writer exiled in Berlin, wrote in Le Point International, “The West is so tolerant, passive, accommodating and naive towards Beijing. Westerners… are seduced like an old man in front of a young girl…. Europe shows all its weakness. It does not realize that the Chinese offensive threatens its freedom and values”.

The Think Tank, The Gatestone Institute published an article on Friday in which it concluded, “The risk now is that, instead of Chernobyl which led, in part, to Soviet Union’s downfall, China’s communist regime will enjoy reinforcement — especially if, due to the coronavirus crisis, the American people in November fail to support the first president in the last 40 years who has openly challenged China.

The Western dream of a “renaissance of the Chinese nation” has now turned into a globalized nightmare. Hundreds of millions across the world are in lockdown; thousands are dead; the economies of Western countries are paralyzed, with some on the verge of collapse. Empty shops and streets are commonplace.

This might be what analysts call “the end of liberal order”. China’s communists today are more capitalist than Marxist, at least at the state level. President Xi has adopted “market Leninism” — mixing a state-run economy with a “terrifying form of totalitarianism”. The West needs to wake up to China’s duplicity.

Read the full Gatestone Institute article here.



  1. Are these flights ordered by EU or is Spain going it alone and paying for them. Will the EU repay anything that Spain pays for out of it’s own coffers. Stay healthy all in Spain, from UK