Andrew Atkinson talks to Corey Bateman French, 24, from North Sheilds, on vacation in Punta Prima, who works on oil and gas platforms in the North sea.

ROPE access electrical technician Corey is taking time out in Spain – on vacation from his responsibilities for undertaking various electrical construction on different oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.

“It’s good to chill out in Spain  – away from working on the platform, off the coast of Aberdeen,” said Corey, over a pint in Punta Prima.

“I am currently working a rota of three weeks on/off, where there are approximately 100 personnel – four of whom are female,” said Corey.

Corey, who mostly works at height, using rope access techniques, working 12 hour shifts, said: “There are a lot of health and safety procedures regarding my job.

“Health and safety involves working at height procedures, working over the side of the platforms, and also working on electrical systems.”

Newcastle United fan, Corey said: “It’s important that we undertake our work – to avoid the release of dangerous hydrocarbons and injuries to personnel on board.

“At the same time, trying not to disrupt a multi-million pound production business.”

Corey, on vacation with his dad, who attended Astley Community High School and completed a NVQ Level 3 on installing Electrotechnical Systems, said: “Once I completed the course I enjoyed the aspect of working away.

“I undertook all my Survival and Rope Access; and complex electrical courses – and got a start offshore.”

Corey added: “There are various dangers working at sea, including the helicopter transfer to the platforms, and working on the platforms itself.

“Which are what all the survival courses are for. The weather can also be a big factor – it can get extremely bad.

“When the weather is severe we aren’t allowed to leave the accommodation – and work is stopped.”

Corey, set to return offshore after a spell in the sun, said: “I hope to return and see more of Punta Prima and surrounding areas, including Torrevieja.

“It’s nice to get a bit of Vitamin D on your face – the sun doesn’t exist in Newcastle!”

Corey, whose hobbies include travelling, said: “I hope to see a lot more of the world in the future – and hopefully try and retire early.”