Two men arrested for theft of goods from nine cars in Crevillent and San Fulgencio (Alicante) and San Javier (Murcia)

The Civil Guard has arrested two men in Crevillent as alleged offenders who are said to be responsible for the theft of goods from up to nine vehicles in Crevillent and San Fulgencio (Alicante) and San Javier (Murcia).

The detainees looked out for cars that were parked in commercial areas. The investigation began at the beginning of December. At this stage the thefts were of goods and belongings that were usually visible inside vehicles. The perpetrators gained access by breaking car windows, with the thefts taking place in the commercial area of ​​the Boch de Crevillent estate.

Once they targeted a car, they waited for it to be driven into the car park and parked up, after which they broke the glass before stealing all the valuables inside. The Guardia Civil said that many of the robberies had also taken place in nearby towns, such as San Fulgencio, and in Murcia’s San Javier.

The arrests took place last week when a trader in the commercial centre raised the alarm. Apparently he had seen two men trying to steal from one of the parked cars. The Civil Guard were quickly on the scene and surprised one of the men who was about to break the car window. When the individual was confronted by police he ran off but was subsequently caught and detained with a hammer with which he was preparing to break the glass.

The second detainee was inside his car, waiting to drive off as soon as his partner has finished committing the robbery.

The two men, of Algerian nationality, aged 38 and 52, were arrested as alleged perpetrators of nine robberies from vehicles: seven of them committed in Crevillent, one in San Fulgencio and one in San Javier. After going to court, they were released on bail.