An update from the Terminal Area Control Centre of @ENAIRE in #Valencia and AENA on their Twitter feeds now states that Alicante Airport will remain closed until 12 noon on Thursday 16 January.

One report states that firefighters are still on site and treating the aftermath of the fire. The party line from the Airport Management Company AENA says that they are working hard with companies and firefighters to restore normality as soon as possible but that will be little comfort to the many hundreds of people who are being and will be affected by the disruption caused.

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In the terminal at the time of the fire there were about 2,000 people who, at first, were evacuated outside the building and subsequently regrouped in the arrivals area.

During the afternoon and early evening many outbound passengers were transferred to Valencia or Murcia, depending on their flight, while the remainder, who’s flights have been cancelled, have now been taken to hotels.

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The only real information being provided by AENA is that passengers booked to travel today and tomorrow should confirm with their airline before they make the journey to Alicante airport.

As those of us who travel frequently will know that is easier said than done. At the time of writing I can find absolutely no information on either the Ryanair or easyJet websites.

It is currently not possible to access the terminal by private car.

It is understood that 14 departure flights have so far been moved to Valencia and Murcia and the 21 flights that were due to arrive into Alicante have been diverted to these two cities.

Flights travelling to Gatwick, Leeds Bradford and Poland with Ryanair are all leaving Corvera.

We are told that at 8.30 pm there will be a command and control meeting and another at 11.30pm. However any real decisions as to the reopening are likely to be left until 8am tomorrow morning when the subdelegate of the Government, Araceli Poblador and the mayor of Elche, Carlos González, will meet with the airport crisis cabinet.