A 66-year-old Icelandic man was stabbed to death early last Sunday morning in the Los Balcones de Torrevieja urbanization, allegedly assaulted by his stepson, a 40-year-old male of the same nationality, who was arrested by the Civil Guard as the alleged instigator of a crime of murder.

The murder occurred around three o’clock on Sunday morning in a property located at number 50  de la calle Cruz del Sur, in the Los Balcones de Torrevieja urbanisation.

A patrol of the Civil Guard responded to the incident and according to the first reports collected at the site the 40-year-old man accessed his mother’s home after jumping the wall. Once inside he pushed his stepfather who fell against a window that broke, from which he suffered multiple injuries that caused his death.

The man was covered in blood and both the agents and the medical services tried unsuccessfully to save his life. The victim lost a lot of blood and died at his home.

The stepson of the victim was arrested by the Civil Guard after leaving the house. Although at first a charge of manslaughter was being considered due to negligence, this version changed rapidly when the Civil Guard specialists inspected the site and verified that it was impossible to have occurred as originally outlined by accused.

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It seemed that the deceased bore many cuts compatible with the breakage of the window, but he had other wounds that did not appear to have been caused by falling through the window, as the investigators later verified.

The judicial scenes of crime officers appeared in the Los Balcones villa and after authorising the removal of the body, they conducted a thorough inspection of the home. Once the inspection was completed, the Civil Guard sealed the property.

The mother said her son had pushed her partner against a window but the Civil Guard found that there were contradictions in the two stories and arrested a 40-year-old Icelandic citizen as the alleged perpetrator of murder.

The property where the Icelandic resident died is in the centre of the Los Balcones urbanization, at the intersection of las calles Ucrania and Cruz del Sur. It has video surveillance and a brick wall almost two metres high.