• More and more young iGaming professionals are relocating to the Spanish island.

An ever-increasing number of iGaming companies are offering the chance for their employees to work remotely. This growing trend has given the opportunity for employees of iGaming companies to be able to work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many have relocated to Ibiza due to its beautiful weather and the islands combination of island peacefulness and vibrant nightlife.

The iGaming industry consists of online gambling niches. Online casinos, bookmakers, bingo sites and esports all fall under the umbrella of iGaming. Online gambling is popular worldwide and is a multi-billion-pound industry.

The online gambling market is expected to reach USD 87.75 billion by 2024 with online betting as the fastest growing segment. Online sports betting was recently legalized in the USA which means online gambling companies are likely to expand their sports betting options.

Another island located close to mainland Spain that is the base for a variety of major iGaming companies is the British island of Gibraltar. Gibraltar is home to the likes of BetVictor, 32Red and Mansion – three of the biggest online bookmakers in Europe.

However, Malta has been described as the iGaming capital of the world by various media outlets. Malta houses iGaming giants such as Betsson and Paddy Power, as well as the online casino PlayFrank.

The standard of living on the island of Ibiza compared to Malta is much higher, this is one of the reasons many iGaming professionals who begun their careers in Malta decide to island hop when the chance becomes available.

Malta is the most densely populated country in Europe and although the country is consistently rated as one of the safest in the EU, much of the population became affected when leading Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered after a bomb was fitted to her car.

Ibiza on the other hand, offers residents the same beautiful weather, sun, sea and sand that Malta offers but without the traffic chaos and over extended housing market.

But you do not need to be an iGaming professional to move to Ibiza, if you are interested in moving, check out this info article which will help you decide whether the move is right for you.