The Vega Baja is to establish a research centre devoted to flooding in the region. The initiative was outlined in the “Plan Vega Ren-hace” presented in Orihuela by Minister Arcadi España on behalf of the Generalitat Valenciana

The original announcement was made a few days ago by the regional president Ximo Puig, and presented in detail in Orihuela by the Minister of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Arcadi España. The post-emergency plan aims to find solutions to a meteorological phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common, to rebuild the region and prevent the catastrophe from last September repeating itself.

The Consell wants the Vega Baja to become an icon of how to address climate change following the damage caused by the devastating cold drop in September. “We are obliged to turn this catastrophe into an opportunity to promote a resilient environment that favours regenerative economic and social development for our land and our people,” explained España during the presentation.

This plan intends to become a turning point by bringing together international flood experts to address the problem and agree on solutions for the region.

“The objective is to develop and adapt an economic model in the region from the recognition of environmental weaknesses, promote the construction of infrastructure and resilient facilities to ensure the well-being of the residents of the Vega Baja and all this through dialogue and consensus among all administrations and social agents, ” he added.

So far, the Valencian government has allocated a total of 93.3 million euros in direct aid to the Vega Baja for essential goods for individuals, to the town halls, for rent, for employment, for damage to homes and for repair of road infrastructure, education, health and waste management.

Once the emergency phase is over, the Consell plan seeks to promote the economic and social development of a region that will take a long time to recover, but which must find solutions to avoid the same damage in the event repeating itself in the future.

“The Consell is aware that any territorial development action that is sensitive to the environment and that prepares us for future episodes of storms must go hand in hand with the economy and all productive activities of the region.”