Choosing the best football games ever played? It is as complicated as picking the most beautiful gemstones in the world. Of course, each one has their own choice. But we have round up a list of them based on many criteria. These include quality of play, individual brilliance and competitive balance. Let’s have a glance at those entertaining football games played!

  • Barcelona vs Paris St Germain (2017)

It was a memorable night full of emotions! Barcelona made Champions League history by overturning a first-leg 4-0 deficit. They knocked out PSG to reach the quarter-finals for the 10th successive season. The Catalan team were 5-3 down on aggregate in the 88th minute. Yet, they managed to score three goals in the final seven minutes. It was simply one of the greatest European ties of all time.

Barcelona had led 2-0 at the break courtesy. They scored another shortly after half-time. As the game follows, Neymar curled a sumptuous free-kick into the top corner. Suarez shortly earned a penalty and Neymar converted it. During the last minute of the game, Neymar delivered a stunning performance. He turned provider for Roberto who scored his first goal of the season.

  • France vs Portugal (2000)

Two best European teams of that time vs two of the finest football players. Yes, they are none other than Zinedine Zidane and Luiz Figo. In the first half of the game, Portugal took the lead thanks to a clinical strike by Nuno Gomes. France equalised in the second half with a well-served ball to Thierry Henry. He beautifully kicked the ball back to the net.

What made the difference from this highly disputed semi-final? It is Zidane’s unparalleled class. The French wizard delivered one of his finest performances. He showed the world that he was indeed the Greatest European Player of his generation. The game ended with Zidane firing a golden penalty strike past Vitor Baia. He singlehandedly sent France into the final.

  • Brazil vs England (1970)

This was the much-anticipated game between the last two World Champions during that time. It was labelled as ‘The Final That Never Was.’ Guess what? It delivered on its promise. One of the greatest players, Pele, was at the peak of his power. Jairzinho made a perfect cross. However, Pelé’s smashing header was denied by Gordon Banks.

For more than one hour, both teams were able to withstand each other’s best shot. The breakthrough would come after the break. On a masterful assist by Pele, Jairzinho smashed home the winning goal. It was set up well by Tostao. England pushed harder and was closed to equalising. But after a miscommunication blunder, Attle missed from close range. From that moment, it was all over. Brazil won the game fair and square in a stylish way!

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