• Desert Springs Resort Spain & Norway based Ambera are realising the first full-scale ‘Active Adult Community’ in Europe

Desert Springs S.L. is part of The Almanzora Bay Group and the successful developer of the established Leisure Life concept at Desert Springs Resort, Europe’s only international award-winning premium family resort and championship desert golf course, located in Cuevas del Almanzora, Almeria, south east Spain.

Ambera Caravaca S.L. is part of the Ambera Group, a successful property development company whose concept is based on the creation and delivery of an ‘Active Adult Community’ within a contemporary resort style setting, for its existing market of European home owners wanting to spend the major part of the year in the south of Spain.

The concept is based on what in the USA is called an ‘Active Adult Community’ – a proven model with huge success with more than 2,000 communities built, housing over 2 million people that enjoy an active, social and healthy lifestyle. Based on the American model of locations such as Sun City Festival in Phoenix Arizona, Ambera will provide properties of value, designed for all year round living, with both the physical amenities and operational know-how for active living.

Ambera’s headquarters are located in Norway, and they will be directing their marketing activities towards the whole Western European market.

Desert Springs S.L. and Ambera Caravaca S.L. have entered into cooperation and collaboration agreements to enable Ambera to launch the ‘Active Adult Community’ concept at Desert Springs Resort, renowned as a location that is enriching, unique and world-class, that also benefits from the most hours of sunshine in Mainland Europe.

Ambera is now working with its Spanish architects on the design of the first phase of 200 new residential properties and finalising the benefits of what it will mean to be an

Ambera property owner at Desert Springs Resort. The launch of the promotion of Sale of Ambera homes is scheduled for early Spring 2020.

Simon Coaker, Almanzora Group Sales & Marketing Manager commented:

“Desert Springs Resort currently comprises 400 luxury residential homes, an award-winning golf course and academy, a professional quality cricket and football ground as well as numerous other sports and leisure activities and restaurants. It provides Ambera with the unique opportunity to immediately use these existing facilities to offer to its future home owners as well as the scope for immediate development of additional leisure and amenity facilities and activities for all to benefit from. The Almanzora Group is committed to the continual development of the community and residential estate and are excited to be embarking on this new chapter with Ambera.”

Jan Olav Frestad, founder of Ambera said;

“Having looked at over 50 locations on the Mediterranean coast, it was an easy decision for Ambera to select Desert Springs Resort as the ideal Resort and location to launch the first full-scale European active adult community. With all that the Resort has to and will offer as Ambera rolls out its concept, ease of access and its favorable climate conditions, it provides the perfect location to invite people from all over Europe to live an active and social life – especially during the winter months when Northern Europe is experiencing weather conditions that reduce outdoor life substantially.”

Peter Goodhall, , Chief Executive of The Almanzora Bay Group remarked;

“At Desert Springs we developed a masterplan committed to the delivery of a Resort that provided a lifestyle of quality and leisure,withchoices of recreation for its home-ownersand visitors. It is a masterplanfor which Desert Springs has won a number of awardsandI am delighted that Ambera have recognized the qualities of Desert Springs Resort to launch their Active Adult Community lifestyle.

Like Ambera, we ourselves believe that buildings and amenities don’t make a community, rather people do, andwe both very much view this as the start of a long-term cooperation and collaboration between ourselves. This is a special part of Spain and I look forward to seeing the Active Adult Community lifestyle come to fruition here at Desert Springs.”

Elaborating on his motivation for founding Ambera, Jan Olav remarked;

“I was inspired by the happiness and activity that I saw in active adult communities in the US already 20 years ago and have since then been working to realize my dream: seeing the same happiness amongst Europeans, who can meet in an Ambera project through activities and interest groups – building bridges and new relations.”

“We are not selling plain apartments like the ones that all other projects are promoting – we are selling a lifestyle that according to our research is in great demand in the baby boomer generation!” comments Jan Olav Frestad enthusiastically.

For further information about Desert Springs Resort, please visit; www.desertspringsresort.es

For further information about Ambera, please visit; www.ambera.eu