Las Torretas, Los Balcones and the vicinity of the Acequión neighbourhood are said to be the areas that are currently most affected by swarms of mosquitoes, although huge swarms are also reported in the Park of Nations.

Plagues of mosquitoes are also emerging in Alicante City centre – with a further increase expected in the coming weeks.

Repeated fumigation within the area is called for – with some Councils already acting in a bid to reduce the mosquitoes presence – in an ever-increasing environmental losing battle.

Mosquitoes’ adult larvae have increased – following huge water fall and rising temperatures in the area.

Torrevieja City Council have taken immediate measures, by spraying larvae and mosquitoes, just weeks after initial action by the Pest Control Department of Works.

Torrevieja attempts to contain plagues of mosquitoes
Torrevieja attempts to contain plagues of mosquitoes

A spokesperson from the Council for Health and Pest Control says ongoing spraying will be undertaken.

Information can be forwarded to the General Registry of the City Council (PROP) by telephoning 607 246 907 between 9.00-11:00 am, or via email at:

Los Montesinos, and La Mata, are two Councils that undertook mosquitoes spraying measures in the last month.

They are currently spraying large areas on the banks of the Torrevieja lagoon in Las Torretas. The “sun seekers” who frequent the area daily have been frightened off by the size of the mosquito plague in this area.

Mosquitoes have been endemic to these habitats of salting for centuries. But they become a problem after heavy rains especially around the lagoon, which is the storm drain of the entire municipal area and where up to two hundred litres per square metre was collected during the rains, almost 80% of the total annual rainfall in the city.

The City Council is also trying to eradicate the mosquito plague around the lagoon in the residential areas of Las Torretas, east of the saladar, and in Los Balcones, west of the same protected area.

The Councillor for Pest Control, Concha Sala, said that a pest control company has intensified it’s work teams to provide a “forceful response to the current mosquito plague which is troubling practically the entire municipality.