If you ride a motorbike, so long as you are old enough, have a full licence and the vehicle is correctly fitted with the appropriate equipment, you are permitted to carry a passenger.

You are also permitted to carry children as passengers, but there are some restrictions to ensure their safety.

Firstly, you, the rider, must be over 18. The child passenger must be over 12, although there is an exception to the rule of age, as a child of 7 or above can rise as a passenger being driven by their parent, guardian or person authorised by their parent or guardian, provided all other requirements are met.

Height is also important, as if the passenger´s feet don´t reach the footrests correctly, they cannot be carried.

The passenger must sit on the rearmost seat, which must be designed to carry passengers. In no case is it permitted for a passenger to sit between the driver and the handlebars of the motorcycle or moped, which also applies to bicycles incidentally.

Depending on your own insurance policy, you may also need additional cover in order to carry passengers, so check our policy before you do.

The passenger, like the rider, must wear an approved motorbike helmet and gloves are advised.

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