Ricky with his girlfriend Charlie

By Andrew Atkinson

FORMER boxing champion Ricky Hatton was KO’d – after being billed £830 for a STEAK – while on holiday in Greece.

“In a puddle of f****** tears.  That’s what you get for being a fat greedy little s***,” Hatton on holiday in Mykonos, Greece, with his girlfriend Charlie, posted on Instagram.

Hatton, hit by the knockout bill after dining at one of Mykonos’s extravagant restaurants, was left reeling – when a waiter handed over the voice – totalling €1,927 (£1,747).

Hatton, who posted a picture of his expensive bill on Instagram, dug deep – with a final round that included a near £500 bottle of Champagne – along with £100 for a bottle of Prosecco.

Hatton, 40, was reportedly seen staggering – with a white t-shirt over his head – before stumbling and falling.

Dubbed ‘The Hitman’ Hatton, the former boxing star reportedly admitted he was in a drunken state when he fell.

The Kobe Ribeye steak cost €920 – £830: “I just ordered it. Didn’t look. Ha ha. The bill came and the fun police just started laughing. Wow,” said Hatton.