• Do you know the differences between different windows Winnipeg styles? Here are the major differences you should know between different styles.

Comparing Windows Winnipeg Styles: Hung Vs. Slider and Casement Vs. Awning.

The process of windows Winnipeg can be complicated, especially if you don’t know the difference between different window styles. This helps you in choosing the right type of window that matches the aesthetic of your structure and also the functionalities you are looking for. Windows come in different styles and look different, and so is their functionalities. So, it is vital to know what you need for your home.

Though other factors might influence your decision for replacement windows such as price, the most critical and main factors you would be looking is the functionality of the windows and whether they are energy efficient. These factors vary from one style of window to the other. As such, making a comparison of different windows Winnipeg designs is essential. Here we will compare some of the most used replacement windows in most Winnipeg homes. Take a look.

  1. Slider Windows.

These are popular designs of windows in Winnipeg. They exist in two forms that is a double and single slider. The double slider comes with two operable sashes while single slider has one.

Sliders are ideal for spaces that are wider horizontally. They are best if you need an unobstructed view of the exterior. They give you best visibility and also ventilation.

The drawback of these windows Winnipeg designs is that they don’t offer maximum energy efficiency.

  1. Awning Windows.

They are ideal for openings that are wider horizontally. The sash of these window designs becomes heavier as the window size becomes bigger. So, it is recommended to use this design with a combination of another window design such as a fixed window to counter that effect.

Awning windows can be installed in hard-to-reach parts such as in sinks since they provide easy operation. The way they open ensures breeze comes in the room unhindered and therefore offer better ventilation than the sliders. They come with an undivided sash, and that ensures unobstructed view and maximum natural light.

Some limitations of awning windows Winnipeg include its size limitation and the fact that if they are operated wrongly, its functionality might be compromised. For instance, some people might overtighten the cranks that can affect the sash and lose its touch.’

  1. Hung Windows.

These exist in two designs just like slider windows; the single and double hung Winnipeg windows. These windows offer great ventilation, especially double hung, where all sashes can be opened. If you have children, you can open the top sash and leave the lower one closed to make sure they don’t go out unnoticed.

Some of the drawbacks of hung windows are that they are not energy efficient.

  1. Casement Windows.

If you need maximum ventilation, then you should opt for casement windows. Unlike other window designs, this one can be opened completely to allow the breeze in. Casement windows are also super energy efficient. They come with a tight compression seal that prevents air seepage.

The drawback for these window designs is that they can decrease their efficiency if misused.