OK! As this week’s ‘senior moment’ award goes to me let’s get it out of the way at the outset.

Whilst enjoying a beer on the terrace after Monday’s round it was pointed out that the two young guys at an adjoining table were both golf professionals and that one of them was Jose-Maria’s son! (Olazabel, I immediately thought). Armed with camera, notebook (and one eye on the Costa Blanca Press Awards) I sat down with them for a chat. It turns out that Dutchman, Jim De Hey and Alfonso are both based at Las Ramblas. I went on to tell Alfonso how much I admired his father’s career and also that my wife was currently drawing him together with Seve. A look of bewilderment came over his face but he gave me his email address anyway to send him a copy when it was finished. After studying the address it became apparent that his father is actually Jose-Maria Bueudia, our resident professional at Ramblas!

Back to business. Monday’s format was the good old 1-2-3 Waltzer. Taking the limelight, with an impressive 90 points, (the record is 98) were Olga Douglas, Peter Wickham, Mike Mahony and the fictional Albert. Highlights included Peter getting a 4 for 5 points on the 4th, Mike 4 for 4 on the 16th and Olga 4 for 4 on the last.

Pat Cassidy took first place in Wednesday’s stableford with 39 points. In second spot, with 36, was Mike Chapman. Welcome back Mike. Nora Betts took bronze, on countback from Liz Robertson, with 35 points.

Por ultimo, Friday’s ‘counter game’ saw our winners equal the record (set in 2017) score of 106 points. The team consisted of Geoff Biggerstaff, Ron Percival, Peter Radcliffe and Andy McDonald.

Pues, hasta la semana que viene

Peter Reffell