On Friday afternoon saw the Cubs welcoming the Roundheads from Emerald Isle in a game that could change both team positions in the league.

Emerald Isle were off to a strong start and as the Cubs battled back, it was a very close game in the end.

The Cubs winning on three rinks and the Roundheads on two.

For the first time this or last season a HOTSPOT was achieved by the rink of three from Country Bowls by Sandra McIlroy, Agnes Burke & Lynne Bryce.

The Cubs took the shots 99 to 81 so an overall win and a few more points further ahead in the league against the Roundheads.

Final score 8 – 4 to the Cubs.

Winning rinks were;

Sandra McIlroy, Agnes Burke & Lynne Bryce

Joel Fernandez, Rob Hallam & Niel West

Sheena Mallet, Craig Dyson & Andrew Bryce


Well done Cubs.



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