Are you looking for a reliable online essay writing service for help and need some advice? You’ve landed on the right page, then. In this article, we’re going to talk about the risks and challenges students face when looking for essay writing services online.

With the amount of homework and the risk of developing stress and even burnout increasing among modern students, more and more of them are turning for help to professional writers. In recent years, the number of writing services has increased because of the ever-increasing demand, so choosing the right one for you could be a bit of a challenge.

According to one of the college paper writing services, many students also worry about a poor essay writing quality or even about being scammed, and rightly so. With more and more of them looking for quality academic assistance, some people consider this an excellent opportunity to get some money without any significant investments.

Although Google and review websites can be a huge help to select a reliable writing service, there’s still some risk of landing on a site that looks like a legitimate company, but serves an entirely different purpose.

Let’s go over the most important things you have to know to avoid scams and losing your time and money.

  1. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

A scam website is much less likely to have an SSL certificate, which is an electronic document that creates a secure link between an Internet user’s browser and a website. It ensures secure online transactions and creates a trusted environment where visitors can feel confident that they won’t have their money stolen.

To check whether the site of a service has this certificate, take a look at the address bar. Does it have a padlock or does it have “Not Secure” written before the actual address of the website? If you see a padlock, you can click on it and see the information about the certificate. If your browser informs that the site is “not secure,” then leaving is a good idea.

Remember, it’s safe to submit payment through a website that has an SSL certificate. A reliable service’s site will most definitely have it because it’s committed to the privacy and security of their customers’ funds.

  1. Money-Back Guarantee

Any self-respecting essay writing service is confident in the writers it employs, so if a student asks them “write my essay,” it offers a money-back guarantee for all customers. This guarantee is a critical consideration when looking for such services because scammers don’t provide this condition.

So, if you want to get quality essay writing, look for “Money-Back” guarantee label on websites of writing services and feel free to ask customer support for additional information.

  1. Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism is a serious offense in the academic world, so getting an unoriginal essay paper is not an option, period. To reduce the chance of getting plagiarized essay writing, check whether an essay writing service provides a plagiarism report along with your order. Professional writers produce original essays, and they prove so by using premium anti-plagiarism software. This software produces a report that contains information about the originality of the essay writing.

So, if you just Googled “write my essay” and discovered that one of the services in the search results provides such reports, chances are high that their essays are original and not copied from elsewhere.

  1. Privacy Policy

This is one of the most important documents that an essay writing service’s website can provide you because it describes their views on and procedures they apply to the information collected from visitors. This information doesn’t include your search request “write my essay” but rather your confidential personal data!

Countries such as the U.S. require online businesses to display this important legal agreement on their websites (e.g. the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CALOPPA) requires to “conspicuously post a privacy policy on a website.”)

If you found that a website lacks a privacy policy, this suggests that they may not protect your personal information, therefore there’s a great chance of getting scammed.

  1. Easily Accessible Customer Support

Customer support is the core of any essay writing website because it allows customers to communicate with support representatives or writers without any limitations. If the website of a service doesn’t have clear instructions on how to reach customer support or lacks a chat feature, it means that you’ll have some trouble communicating with them after you’ve placed your order.

Try contacting customer support and see how fast and professional their reply is.

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